The world is boring. Let's face it. They need us: the rebels, the outsiders, the misfits - the ones who aren't afraid to shake things up. We bring the color. We don't go to the party. No. We are the party. And like a party, they'll try to shut us down. But they can't. They won't. We won't let them.


The Artist

Hi, I'm Molham. I make music (where the words shockingly matter) because I believe you and I should be uncompromisingly ourselves (uncompromisingly - big word, I know). Really, what else is there? We should eat what we want, dress how we want and say what we want, because the last thing the world needs is for us to conform (according to a scientific study I just made up, there are TOO many people doing that already). Be so yourself that you're willing to rock a onesie with attitude. Let's shake this boring world up, one onesie at a time.